About Us

We offer support and advice for those who encounter discrimination because of their race, religion, language, gender, as a trans, intersex, or queer person, because of disability, class, age, or in multiple intersecting ways.

If you are treated unfairly, unjustly, or in discriminatory ways, feel as though you have been, or simply questions on this subject have, feel free to drop in or write us an email.

Our Duties:
  • to provide recommendations for experienced antidiscrimination offices
  • to make discrimination at the university visible
  • to provide sensibility training
  • to record and provide documentantion of cases of discrimination and unfair treatment

Office Hours

Mon. and Wed..: 12:00-14:00  (racism)
Wed. and Thur.: 10:30-13:30 (general)
Other meeting times also possible on request


Email: adb@refrat.hu-berlin.de
Telefon: 030 2093-46638 / 030 2093-46639
Office currently located at: Invalidenstraße 110, Raum 433, 10115 Berlin
Mailing address: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Antidiskriminierungsberatung - Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin
Facebook: www.facebook.com/adb.hu.berlin/


We have speakers of English, German, and French on our team. We will happily organise interpreters for other languages.

Accessibility Information

Our office is currently located on the 4th floor of an old building. There is a narrow elevator. The front doors of the building are heavy and can be quite difficult to open. There is also a flight of stairs in the foyer that cannot be avoided, with a wheelchair lift on the side, which can only be operated by custodial staff. We are very happy to meet you downstairs to help you reach the office. We also have access to another, much more wheelchair-accessible room at a different location, with an accessible toilet, and can arrange to meet you there - simply write us an email.

Gender Neutral Toilets

There are two gender-neutral toilets in the corridor on our floor.

There are also gender-neutral toilets in the ZtG (Centre for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies) in Georgenstraße 47

Information for trans US citizens

In light of recent developments in the United States: if you would like to begin medical transition or change your name, gender marker, or identity documents before it's too late, please feel free to get in touch via queer_fem@refrat.hu-berlin.de or adb@refrat.hu-berlin.de. We are in contact with someone who has kindly offered to provide you with further information and resources about your options.


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